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Is your Number Up

These days retrenchment is as likely to affect a 30-something mover and shaker as it is a 55-plus weary worker. If you want to stay in your job - or deal with the shock of losing it - you had better employ survival tactics.

The world we live in is being transformed by technology. In the competitive workplace, the impact is being keenly felt. The job creators of the past  - big businesses and the public sector - are changing.

Businesses are downsizing into lean, focussed, specialist companies, and more and more people are having to work longer hours in more stressful conditions simply to keep their jobs (their only source of income).

Concepts such as salaries, pensions, medical aids and lifetime employment are fast becoming obsolete. So where does this leave you? More and more people are are losing control of their lives to their jobs and bosses, the job that you may or may not have tomorrow, this results in high stress, financial and emotional pressure, and then we retire to a lowered standard of living, and more often than not are unable to pursue our dreams that we have worked so hard for 45 years for.

Have you ever caught yourself asking the question "Is there a better way"? If you have, the answer is YES most definitely YES.