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PROSUMING is fast becoming a global buzz word. But what exactly does PROSUMING mean? For generations we have been part of the "Old Style Economy", this was based on two major groups, the "producers" and the "consumers".  The "New Style Economy" has merged these groups into one being called "PROSUMERS"

So when one of the largest distribution companies in the world places its resources behind an idea, you can bet success and quality will be the result. It takes more than just saying you're an Internet based business opportunity to produce results.

With the product distribution structure, financial resources, and technology already in place, this e-Commerce opportunity is on the cutting edge of the Internet business world.

Top companies from across the country have been tapped into, to help develop and implement this business concept, with a business support system designed to maximize your potential as a PROSUMER.

Whilst most people are becoming steadily more comfortable with using the Internet for information gathering, there is now also a huge increase in the number of people who trade, buy and sell across the net. The most explosive sector in this industry is the home shopping sector.

A window of opportunity now exists for ambitious people to become a business partner in this new venture, to earn money from, but not limited to, the Internet, not just spend it.